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Real property is something that as humans we are always looking forward to acquire. When someone says real property they are actually referring to land and buildings. The caveat emptor principle greatly applies to real estate since this is an investment whereby as a buyer you are advised to exercise due diligence. Notably there are various players when it comes to real estate transactions but for purpose of this article we shall discuss about real estate lawyers.

Digital marketing is one of the forms of marketing that are greatly embraced in the modern day world hence making access to these legal services easy. One thing that the reader of this article is bound to gain is more knowledge as regards real estate lawyers.

The very first importance is that these lawyers are duly versed in the law hence they know the various statutes that are applicable to property transactions. Purchasing a property without legal advise is like being on a suicide mission hence these lawyers will always come through and ensure that you are well apprise about the requisite legal procedures of purchasing a property. Notably as a seller or a buyer in a real estate transaction there are pre-contract enquiries that are key so as to ensure that the procedure is smooth flowing and one of these procedures is doing a property search on the particular land that hosts a house. If you want to acquire a clean title to property always ensure that these service providers are an integral part of your transaction.

One function that these lawyers play is giving of promises on behalf of their clients mostly to financial institution so that a seller can be allowed to sell a property that has a loan facility.

Some documents are mandatory or real estate procedures to proceed and as a lay man you might not understand the importance of these documents until you reach the land registry and your application for registration is denied. Also there are several laws that govern selling specific types of real property and in most instances a property that is agricultural land will need some consent from a land board for the seller to be allowed to sell it to you without this consent actually a fraudulent seller might use the same information against you in future and reclaim their property.

Also there are taxes that should be paid by both buyers and sellers of real property thus to ensure that you are a tax compliant citizen, your lawyer is already apprised of these taxes and thus they will inform you before hand that the money you receive as the purchase price or the money you pay as a buyer will be subject to tax. Also these lawyers will always come in handy during the sale agreement drafting and they will ensure that the clauses covered in the sale agreement cover the interests of their clients.

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